What are the problems faced by Ph.D. students during their doctorate?

Postgraduate Doctoral  Degree is offered to someone when they add something new to their subject by finishing their thesis. The effort is to make things relevant to contemporary times. These degrees are taken up by people after completing bachelors and masters because they need to dive down deep in their subject and for that, there should be great interest, patience, understanding, love for the subject perused.

The Government of India provides scholarships and funds like JRF( Junior Research Fellowship)and SRF( Senior Research Scholarship ) to boost children’s interest in research. Generally, after completion of Ph.D. children opt for teaching in universities and colleges but there are multiple other options available too.

UGC  has recently decided to make a Ph.D. degree compulsory to directly get the post of assistant professor at universities from 2021. However,  you can apply in colleges if you have done masters and cleared NET. According to UGC, this move will help in increasing the quality of education and faculty.

This might help, but there will be more beneficial if they focus on the problems faced by children during, before and after their doctoral degree.

There is a need for a skill-based education in the higher education sector in India. Because of the lack of it, children get more and more disillusioned and feel trapped every day. Once they have devoted so much time to a subject, it becomes difficult to quit it. If they don’t quit, find a topic, lack of practical experience in that subject becomes a roadblock in their progress. Ironically, master courses don’t provide framework or guidance for skill-based education properly but once you go for doctoral degree interview their expectations are high from students.

Some students come up with innovative ideas but if no supervisor in the university has specialization in that topic, then their dreams have to take a back seat. This accentuates disappointment among children, they often choose already researched topics, so that they could get supervision. This condition leads to the strangling of creativity, innovation, quality of education and employment.

If students somehow with their effort enroll themselves in doctoral courses then a whole lot of new hurdles welcome them from the very starting. We can hear it from so many people that their supervisor made used them for getting done his household work to every small odd job. They behave condescendingly, demotivate and bully children by words. This is a big problem, children often couldn’t stand such behavior. They either leave their dreams or get depressed. Some people are battered so hard by such behavior that their whole personality gets affected badly.

Besides, the grant promised by the government is not available to students on time. Such inefficiency could highly affect, delay work progress because some students are highly dependent on the grant. This problem should be whipped off as soon as possible.It will help students to work enthusiastically and more students will take up a doctoral degree.

There are some old standard rules, For Instance publication of at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal before getting a doctoral degree still exists. This creates additional pressure on children, burden increase and content of the research is compromised because time is divided. The government should remove such rules which are of no benefit now and bring suitable changes.

One another big problem specifically in India is the lack of assurance of getting a good job after completing a doctoral degree. For children of humanities, there is no guarantee because there are not many vacancies whereas children from science background don’t get to work with the latest technology and funding is inadequate too.


If we look at this survey, we could see how not even half of the enrolled students complete their doctoral degree in India. Even the ones who complete have no certainty of getting a job. Opportunities are less and students with a degree are more. Institutes like Delhi University or Indian Institute of Technology which maintain their high education standards are very few and hence, these institutes select a handful of students from the pool of so many. Lack of such institutes either lead to unemployment of students or they get a low paying job.

All these reasons drive students away too other countries where conditions are conducive for their working and their talent is valued.

So, change is the need of the hour. The government should bring required reforms.S supervisors should be considerate, helping and supportive. They should keep their egos aside, create good communication with students and be happy in the growth of their students. There should be adequate jobs for everyone. Skill-based education should be promoted which would encourage people to experiment more. India is a country that has youth in abundance. If our youth is provided with proper opportunities then no can beat India. Hence, the government should leave no stone unturned in achieving the reforms

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