Why everyone is opting for the government jobs?

India is a developing country, half of the population is either under the poverty line or just managing with low salaries. What they feel is important is security in the job. The most secure jobs are government jobs. In stark contrast to it, in the private sector, you have no certainty of holding your job forever. People from an economically backward class don’t want to live with this uncertainty for obvious reasons by and even by many others keep security in their priority list.

Although both the government jobs and private sector jobs want people to be creative, work hard and excel in their area. In private jobs, there is a special focus on performance-based growth. In government jobs, if you don’t even write exams, complete your targets at a given time, you can still lead a comfortable life. In the private sector, they want you to be always on toes, thinking out of the box and there are no fixed hours of work. People have to be ready to work day in and out until their projects are not completed. People have to sometimes sacrifice their family time, cut contact with the world and this could affect them as well as their families’ health. Although, it is not as if the government jobs don’t demand sacrifices but stress, the pressure is comparatively less.

The private sector is more materialistic, some people genuinely want to serve their nation, bring changes and for them, the government jobs provide an excellent platform to bring the change. Even if they will be a cog in the wheel, they can work for reforms in their department. Some people have more inclination towards their self-development, want to be extremely experimentative or risk-taking which prompts them to choose other sectors.

The government jobs are the most respected in our society up till now which is not the case with the private sector. The government additionally gives a lot of perks which include (bungalows, medical facilities) and many more. There is nothing like this in the private sector. There are some perks but most of the things are performance-based. In the government jobs, you get a fair amount of holidays which you can spend exploring places, learning a new hobby, spending time with your family. These kinds of comforts are not available in the private sector.

In government jobs, there is no fear of cost-cutting at the time of economic slowdown or any other periods. In the private jobs, you could be directly fired during such times and cost-cutting is a common thing. This thought always haunts people, there might be jealous among people if someone did better than them. Cutthroat competition can kill the sportsman spirit and make people hostile to each other The private sector always tries to improve the position of their firm,  so, to achieve that they can create discrimination among people,by favoring a few more than the others. What is important is the firms’ progress, they are not bothered about the problems it can create among employees. IN the government sector, there is a less chance of such hostility because everyone is working at their assigned post and could rise the ladder eventually with promotions and through giving exams.

You have a plethora of options when you go for government jobs. People with less qualifications can also find a suitable and interesting job for them. On the other hand, the first condition to enter the private sector is to be equipped with high skills otherwise layoffs can happen quite quickly.

Categories  YearGovernment jobPrivate job      Self employed jobs      No Response
Big cities20074824217
Big cities20166210217
Small cities20075817196
Small cities201660102010

Source-                       Lokniti-CSDS

It is quite clearly visible in this survey that people in India are constantly getting inclined towards government jobs year by year in big, small cities and villages. There is a bit of increment in the self-employed jobs but the overall inclination is towards the government jobs.

Although people make a well-informed choice but often even if they don’t have inclination then also they prepare for the government jobs because our education system has deficiencies at many levels, children education has a different pattern and then in the working sectors,  expect them to work with a whole different set of mindset and skills. This creates disillusionment in children’s minds, demotivate them and they are for security’s sake ready to do any government job even if they are overqualified for it.

As everything has two sides, there are many disadvantages in the government sector too for instance, after a while there is a slow increase in your salaries whereas people in the private sector can earn much more if they keep on working successfully. People many times because of interference of the political parties feel frustrated, handcuffed and their passion to bring change take a back seat.

So, every sector has its advantages and disadvantages. People should see what’s suitable for them and then work for it with passion, dedication, and love because that is what takes everyone forward.

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