Why Indian Engineers are not employable

India has seven IIT’s, which manufacture the world’s top-class engineers. India is a developing country and engineers are the designers of the pillars of development. The engineers initiate the development and therefore play a vital role in economic growth. A recent survey has found over 80 per cent of engineers in India are unemployable because of a lack of latest technological, cognitive and linguistic knowledge. Only a small percentage of engineers are well aware of the new age technological skills such as data science, mobile development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. This generation engineers don’t opt for multiple internships beyond the curriculum. Nowadays, the subject engineering is taught in a quite theoretical based manner and the application of the taught concept in the industry is highly neglected, it results in low employability of engineers in India.

The substandard engineering education problem in India is now known to the world. Most of the engineering institutions are not providing education to land the student suitable for IT services. The number of engineering institution in the past 2 decades has been increasing at a tremendous speed, and these institutions are producing engineers more in quantity neglecting the quality of engineers day by day. This engineering business has deteriorated education in the last few decades. The vote bank and caste system give fewer deserving people the opportunity to opt for engineering. Those who can’t go for normal graduation can also go for engineering here in India. Not only educational institution is involved in mass production but also most of the engineering companies are involved in producing works that require fewer skills and focus more on hard work. Good multinational companies don’t visit such colleges for campus placements, frustrated engineers go for small scale core industries. Working there for years, the experience is gained by them in 3-5 years. With that working experience, they can opt for well-reputed companies.  Very few companies do skilful engineering related works. Most of the companies are focussed for the long duration working hours and not the basic quality of work engineers are doing. India is producing large numbers of engineers who can code but efficient coders are very few in numbers. Many of the coders working for MNC’s are completely unaware of the terms like Time and Space complexity.

Now there is a scenario of overtime in corporate sectors. This forces the employees to work for more time, ineffectively and inefficiently they are forced to sit.  And on top of it, they don’t get paid as per their expectations.

On an average, from each family in India there is one person with an engineering degree is coping with unemployment. Every boy or a girl having potential to glow in other fields are stuck with engineering, because of lack of quality education persists. Despite not being skilled enough youth can’t be a productive part of the economy in India. The English language should be compulsory for all types of engineering as most of the programmers from small towns and village are scared of communicating in English.

Government of India should take immediate actions in this regard. Not based on vote bank politics, caste system, reservation and people with huge money rather only deserving students should be given opportunities to opt for engineering. To keep the Indian economy globally at its best government should focus on the quality of engineers. The government should provide internship and projects for engineers beyond the curriculum, as this will help in keeping the interest of engineers focused on engineering services and not in other fields like wildlife photography, animation creation, etc. The engineers in India should move beyond the coding skills in order to go hand in hand with the world’s demand for this century.

To meet up the needs, the government should provide free education to Indian engineers on machine learning, artificial intelligence and all other niche skills for today’s era. The theory-based education system should not be there for engineers, this focus more on attendance and not on the industrial applications of the topic taught to engineers. Only faculties who can teach proper industrial application of the concepts of engineering should be given a chance to be the professors and not a person who is just having a degree. In order to deal with the employability issue, the government should take fundamental decisions on higher education of students; this will help in a better way. Engineering requires good professors, good infrastructure and updated lab facilities in colleges. Regular updates in engineering syllabus should be done. Innovation is missing in Indian engineers, so it should be focussed by questioning. Engineers can’t be introverts, engineers are supposed to be inquisitive. Right from higher education, students should be given rights for questioning to bring out the innovation inside them. The semester system should not be given much attention, rather Soft skills and niche technologies should be provided more attention.

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